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Why animals hibernate? 

To escape the cold weather, and to save their energy for the winter months and have their babies in peace. Only to come out when spring arrives, and to teach their young, how to hunt and adapt to the harsh reality of life, and to keep safe from predators and dangers of their own environment. Blah blah blah… everyone knows that  

Sometimes, the alone ME time, helps in recovering the lost portions of our own lives gone by. Time waits for no one. And to keep up with the perils of the world is same irrespective of the species. Some come into our lives to create us, and some come to destroy us. But it’s in the broken pieces that we can find ourselves and pick up to create a mosaic like no other. 

Young kids are being killed in school and natural disasters occur for no rhyme or reason.  What creates also destroys in the end. To be safe, to be secure and be happy is the need of every living being on this planet and hope one day all living beings find an equal world, where they have the same rights as humans do.

Pathetic to see the #dolphins being killed in #taiji #Japan year after year mercilessly. Few of us want to stop. But that’s not enough. As humans turn into animals and rule this world, the actual owners of the #earth #animals and #nature are losing it slowly.

Back from #hibernation so will be penning posts more often or so I hope…

until then…


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Beating the Heat

Global warming and El Niño is being blamed for everything related to global weather. Heat waves have taken lives. Heat and sun strokes strikes innocent daily labourers in the states of India. 

Man’s irresponsible greed has caused extensive damage to himself and nature in general. Cutting of trees, clearing forest land for commercial use, and Turning agri-lands to residential layouts is taking the much needed green cover away and with increasing carbon footprint, we are at the dead end for a healthy turnaround. 

Eating right

We need to turn to our traditional cuisine and eat right. We have to keep our health in good condition keeping in tune with nature. Eating fruits and vegetables that are in season will benefit. Eat less of solids and more of fluids to keep the body nourished and hydrated. 

Bathing right

Yes, to the western world it may sound amusing but we have our rituals for summer and winter. Our summers were spent in our ancestral home in our native place. My maternal grandmother would sit with a big tin of sesame oil, and beginning from the youngest to the oldest, we lined up to get a oil head massage. We had to sit for half an hour to one hour after which we used neem and turmeric to bathe, and special roots powder and soap nuts were used as shampoo. The post bathing ritual had its own drying art with our heads on bamboo basket placed over a clay pot of burning coal on which the resin perfumed gum was sprayed to give the smoke and aroma. By this time our eyes would water and we would be so sleepy.

The diet

The diet after the oil bath had its own reason and we were given simple digestible food, that would not heat up our system. A soup like dish was made of neem flowers and tamarind and rice with a green curry would be the diet. 


Summers were spent indoors and sistas were an integral part of the whole process. Keeping the kids indoors after an oil bath was the most difficult thing in a house filled with close to 60 people. 

Indoor games

Elders of the house knew and kept us occupied with many indiginious games and it was made using stones and tamarind seeds. Groups were formed to play this. It would escalate to pillows being thrown and cotton flying all over the house. But none of of would go out except when absolutely necessary. 

How to care for during summer

1.eat plenty of cucumbers 

2.make a large part of your meal with raw food

3. Keep fried foods and oil rich food away

4. Don’t have sweets or sugary food. 

5. Avoid street food 

6. Wear cottons 

7.stay indoors for major part of the day 

8.drinking green tea, buttermilk and water will keep oneself hydrated. 

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Today I was invited to give a talk on attitude,ego and success. Small group of people who work at the grass root level, for empowering, uplifting and creating a change around themselves. 

An hour is very little to cover topics of intensity. But all the same it went off well and well received. All were engaged for sure, but with a few missing minds, as would be a the case anyway. 

It was evolving for me too, as when I train I get to understand more minds around and more thinkers as they seem to be. 

The greatest creation of GOD I find is the human mind. I am greatly intrigued by it, in awe of it and eternally in love with how a mind thinks and a brain works. 

I am writing a post after a very long gap and wish and confirm I will have more posts to submit in the coming weeks. 

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Birth of a baby

Last week I got the registered copy of my foundation PEEPAL PEA FOUNDATION –PPF. It was a moment of joy. This foundation will have its own website and blogs and will work towards the protection of animals, environment and the people in that order. 

Let’s pray and hope it grows to be proud of us and we in turn to be proud of its achievements. Through this foundation we will be having projects, seminars, workshops and trainings.

As the first project we are planning on setting up a library for asia’s largest slum. DHARAVI. Kids need a place to unwind and sit and study. We will develop as we go. And hope this brings inspiration and hope for all kids aspiring to become somebody they idolise or they themselves an icon. 

Need everyone’s best wishes on this platform and hope we create a community which is responsible and empathetic to the needs of others. 

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Missing months

Been away for too long and got immersed in other areas. Life comes with its
own bumpy rides, slowing down our journey. It was monsoon time, and wet weather makes one lethargic.

I understand I have been missing since spring. Past summer I have arrived at this. I have been writing on other sites and missing out on my own blog here.

Many topics to write about. Will do so soon.


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A time in the life of every women, which is like RE-BIRTH, just like the first period, the last PERIOD, is the most traumatic and significant milestone, launching women into their most undesired, middle age. while the beginning of periods happen without a hue and cry, for most women, MENOPAUSE is a demon, most find awfully difficult to overcome and deal with. The symptoms of which, begin much much earlier than, it finally happens. 

Both east and western medicines differ on this issue, as it does on any other symptoms and diseases. Doctors, therapists and practitioners of alternative medicines, have many theories and medications. What anyone till this day fail to understand, is that this is one single most phase in every women’s life which has been neglected and needs more care and attention, than most other ailments.

Often considered and neglected by family, much depends, on the family love and care at this crucial phase in their life. It can’t be dealt in ONE SINGLE PIECE, as it does not exist in, one single piece. Each women’s experiences and pain , is unique and different. So, trying to find a remedy, from one’s own mother or aunt, becomes, that much difficult. We can take, clues and help, but its certainly impossible to copy–DITTO.

It becomes harder, if the women is going through a bad patch in her marriage. The holds the key to quick recovery or severe damage. Most husbands unfortunately, at this time may be pursuing their careers, with increased, intensity and vigor.

This topic will perhaps run into weeks and months, maybe even more, depending on the areas and topics i may choose to cover, and remedial sessions. Or i may keep it comprehensive and simple. why, it becomes difficult to deal with it, is that women, no matter, how modern they have become, have failed to come out of their shells, to discuss this topic, more freely.


Menopause is the time in the life of every women, when her monthly menstrual cycle, comes to a halt.


Yes, all women who have had their periods, will also have menopause.




Now with new age women, and their lifestyles, the problems and symptoms, have aggravated. The emotional well-being takes a huge hit, often resulting in manic and hysterical behaviours. The working women, face severe, insomnia and stress compared to STAY AT HOME WOMEN. They can’t switch off and switch as they did earlier, and if they have had a agonising marriage, it bearings back all wrong thoughts and feelings which worsens this.




Just as there is no defined age for the first onset, there is no defined age for it to stop. but various theories, say different things. STARTING OF LATE PERIOD AND EARLY MENOPAUSE is now considered, as a better health, benefit. Not that its possible for anyone to decide, on such a matter of the body.

















Just the way, there is no cure for periods, and every women has to go through with it, there is no cure, for menopause also. certain, MAINTENENCE METHODS may be helpful.


We will go layer by layer, on this and we will try to help and define–this MADNESS, which has not spared any FEMALE SPECIES—