Journey Of Life

Wanting to blog is a need that arises from wanting to share our thoughts, feelings and ideas with the world. Every blog is same. Its like writing your first application letter, for a job. Or a love letter which you would,tear again and again, to make yourself clear to the person. You are never satisfied with what comes up. Blog is just similar to that. Life is a journey, which all of us are compelled to undertake. sometimes we can choose the mode of transport, sometimes we can’t. Destinations, happen along the way. What remains is the memory of it all. Some good, Some bad. Others enrich us. True evolution takes place through exposure to the JOURNEY OF LIFE.

The hues and colors, That create the landscape of life. The changing seasons, constantly changing seasons, The transformation that comes with such changes, The effect it has on the MIND, BODY AND SOUL…

Its a true blessing to be born in this universe, and to be born a human, is truly the gift of GOD. How we live our life, affect people and environment around us, and whether we have done our duty, to ourselves, this universe and GOD, is like a report card. 


Success means many things to many people. What does it mean to you ?



there is still no single formula for true happiness. different people find it in different things.

i see it in rain, dog endlessly chasing its tail, my mother, prayers and all the work i do

with the environment, for the animals. I know i have not done much at all. thinking of it all 

the time gives a responsibility, and as i started going towards that, i realised happiness is not 

in anything money can buy. to do the things, i wish to do, money may make a difference

but does not rule it.

live every  moment, as if it were your last chance to make a difference.

everyday, learn something new, to the point of mastering it. and see how to apply it.

charity can be done in many ways, without spending money. Try to do it. BLISS IT IS.

More important spend time with yourself. love yourself, and beleive you are your best friend.

Most important, dont allow anyone, to hurt you or occupy your mind and churn it.

IF you are happy and satisfied with your work or life, do not allow anyone to condemn it.

Your immediate family should not be unhappy because of any of your actions.

 Always always remember you are answerable only to yourself and God. 


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