India is inching towards being a super power. changes are happening in every aspect of the country, from education to infrastructure. culture has taken a huge beating,  and food fusion is happening at a great speed. Malls and more malls, expressways and airports, to the rising millionaires, India has seen a paradigm shift in every aspect of living. Urban cities are busting at its seams,with people from the rural areas, coming to find their jobs and destinies.

Among the world’s greatest cities lies MUMBAI. A city so big, heavily populated,polluted,where poverty and princes of destiny co-exist, anyone entering the city gets transformed into a somebody. No one for that matter not a single living being goes hungry. Every one gets food. As night comes,you can see,stray dogs sleeping alongside people on the footpaths. A city which contains the good,bad and the ugly and can survive and march on with harmony. I have lived and travelled across the world, and i have to admit,though i was mesmerised by ISTANBUL, where asia and europe meet, where the ancient and modern co-exist, no other city, has lived through war,terror and famine and floods and come through a winner as MUMBAI. Maybe NEW YORK would match in everything,but we can’t put them together. NEW YORK is THE city of the world, with not even a fraction of poverty as MUMBAI.


The teeming population whose existence depends on  The Indian Railways, is headquartered here, which is also the largest employer in the world, forms as the backbone for the financial capital of India. The wholesale capital, which manufactures everything from a comb to diamonds  are finished and sent all over the world. From trash to treasures, everything is created and lost and found here.

The TATAS and AMBANIS, have their heavens built here, in the city  ever expanding employ half the city’s population, put together. Mumbai has the largest film empire in the world,in terms of films made and people employed. A city which has not turned anyone away, has given hope and home to one and all. India’s people from its 28 states and expats from all over the world, would vouch for the energy of MUMBAI.

With 7 unesco sites to its credit, The British not only left their architecture but also the Railways, harbors, and the education that went on to create BOMBAY, which has now taken its name as MUMBAI.

The best doctors, to the best artists, Mumbai has it all. The lunch distribution network is only one of its kind in the world. Alongside the glory as well lies the cities, greatest slum of asia, Dharavi, where, the branded goods of the world are manufactured, with cheap labour. Biggest red light area of asia is in Mumbai,  drugs to illegal issues, the city, manages, monitors, mentors and remains the mammoth monetary capital of RISING INDIA.

Its not without a reason, that Mumbai is called AMCHI MUMBAI, with great love of its people.We will see more of it… 


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