“A Dog has no j…

“A Dog has no job, but has no time to sit”

Dogs have held a very special place through the ages, and has remained man’s best friend. Dogs as per se, have no specific jobs, but they are more closely involved in day to day affairs of the human world, than any other animal from the animal kingdom. They are employed by the forensic departments, the police use them to trace theft, they are companions for the blind, to just being with the elderly. Now the medical field uses them to sniff out cancer, before it becomes aggravated. Keeping dogs as pets, has been a custom, habit and tradition since the time of Alexander. The are the back bone, for the eskimo people,without them, the people there cant hunt for seals, and travel. All of england uses dogs for hunting and to be shepherd dogs. It has become a passion and a status symbol for people to keep dogs. Dogs are the only animals, who have the most variety and type of breeds, among any in the animal kingdom. Monkeys may come a close second. and with constant cross breeding they evolve and become stronger.

Back to the quote—

A dog is jobless, but is always busy and never stays still or goes to sleep and remains lazy. So when asked a question, “Are you busy?” — reply can be– Nothing particular to do, but not free either, then the above quote is used. 


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