I was literally born with my sense of smell, activated, first before other senses of mine. I was most familiar to the fragrance of freshly brewed coffee, and cow dung. Born in my maternal ancestral home, cows in the back yard, were milked, early in the morning, at about 4am. Once the milk man left, The courtyard outside the house entrance was washed with water and a mix of cow dung which kept away harful insects, and a floweral pattern called rangoli was made using rice flour, to feed the ants and other insects. Women of the household, took turns to do it, very early, and by doing this, benefitted from receiving the early morning, pure fresh air, unaffected by pollution, and the ozone effect. The bending and streching, to make the rangolis, helped women to keep fit, a natural exercise, before a long days work.

The firewood stove will then be lit up, to roast the green coffee beans, and people ground coffee beans in the houses. The powder was then put in a filter and added by hot water, would give, the thick black “decoction” as it was called, and then added by the fresh hot milk, was a heavenly morning brew of fresh coffee. This was and still is the morning ritual in most south indian homes, till date. The old decoction or never reheated as the same goes with milk, never reheat the milk, and add. So cooking skills was measured according to the coffee made by every women. And the status of families was based on the strong coffee they gave to guests, and the freshness of it.

Personally for me, coffee time is almost a spiritual moment. Married for almost two decades, and starting life with making filter coffee, the same way as my mother and grand mother did, only that, my grandmother hand pound, my mother had a manual grinder for coffee seeds and I was gifted a BRAUN-coffee grinder by my mother, and used it for many years,before shifting to readily available coffee powders, and then moving to malaysia, we had no chance of getting a regular supply of coffee powder and hence, switched to NESCAFE-GOLD. I have no way of expressing what it has done to our life. My husband and I are so addicted to it, that the morning coffee moment is our ZEN-space. No one talks to anyone, and its only that cup of coffee and us, with-twitter or newspaper.

THE europeans share the same passion for coffee as the south indians i suppose so, going by the various options, of coffee they come up with. Coffee latte, cappuccino , ESPRESSO, irish coffee,would love a gift of the espresso machine, if anyone is willing to give me one.

So many myths that surround the coffee table. Good for type-2 diabetes, good for parkinson’s, keeps off alzeimer’s, mood swings— i come from a family of coffee addicts and have relatives and friends who have all 3 diseases. No particular food can create or reduce the effect of diseases. End of the day its all about balance. But coffee does affect the nerves, and moderation is the key.

Enjoy the first cup, and go through the chores, and bedtime coffee after dinner is a great feel. probably because of my love for coffee, is why i also like TIRAMISU. The scent of coffee connects me to my roots, my mother, my family. coffee is a tradition, a culture that makes south india, and has a pride of place in our homes.



7 thoughts on “Coffee…MY SOUL FOOD.

  1. I am a coffee addict – I love it, I write with coffee, and wake to coffee. I don’t have cows milk though but soy milk which froths perfectly into my extra scoop of extra strong brew. If coffee ever became illegal I may just melt into oblivion ….

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