how safe are we?

rape has become an order of the day, with increasing incidents of gang rapes in india. The rising superpower,seems to be heading the rape department globally. After the Nirbhaya incident which shook the capital, yesterday a 22 yr old, photojournalist was gang raped, in Mumbai, the city which is supposed to be safe.

As the women power increases, the incidence of sexual abuse and rape also increases. Can blame it on women themselves, or growing pron addictions, or social media, but all said and done, law and order and safety has gone to the dogs.

In a land where woman Godess reins supreme, and country and many of its states ruled by women, to see the incresing crimes against women, is pathetic .It only goes to show, advancement is only in other areas of economy. where is urban development without safety for citizens in the world’s largest economy.

More stringent measures are important if we have to really find a place for ourselves on world stage. LETS FIGHT AGAINST RAPE.




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