Why indians love Gold?

India perhaps is the only country in the world, which owns,sells and consumes a major share of the world’s gold supply. Its rather interesting to see both the Government and its people, chasing gold. She is the eternal , damsel, everyone in india is in love with.

India has  such a vast history, that so many dynasties and royals have ruled India, right through its, 5000 odd years of recorded history. It is said, Md.Gazni, invaded the temple of somnath, 17 times to take its gold. Temples created this love for gold. Gods in indian temples are adorned with exclusive jewelleries. The ancient kings, who built and managed their own temples, gave so much treasures, that no matter how bad the economy drops, India’s gold reserves will see it through.

Why women go for Gold?

Indian communities largely depend on gold for its savings and investment, and apart from seeing it as a family asset, they are forced to buy, as no marriage can take place in India without exchange of gold. Called the system of dowry, marriages are fixed and finalised based on the amount of gold given by the bride’s family.

More the gold, better the bridegroom. To be able to find a better match for their daughters, families, were willing to shell out gold and silver to place their daughters in well to do families. Dowry harassment and bride burning, all hovered around gold. 

Brides of yesteryears, were ill treated by their in-laws if they didnt bring more and more gold, with each passing year. Every function, after marriage was attended by the bride’s parents, with new gold gifts. To maintain their respect and the respect of their daughter in her in-laws’s home, they went into loans to buy her gold.

Gold was and is still considered as the most powerful liquid asset. One can wear it, use it, pass it on as family heirloom , sell in times of need, can be pawned for interest, to meet immediate contingencies, Gold glitters like nothing else does.

India has close to 28 states, and each state has its unique craft of gold. The filligiri work of orris a, to the kundan work of jaipur, to the stone setting of Andhra, to the diamonds of Gujarat, where its a largest industry, to the royal temple Jewellery of south India, to the machine work of kerala, India has the widest variety and selections and collections in gold.The handmade work of India is known the world over.

As it went rising, people kept buying more, increasing the demand and demanding more supply. Government, is trying to bar import of gold. If not done right it may only lead to more smuggling. Encouraging people to sell, their Gold, is a better way of tackling this issue.

Whatever is done, or happens, its almost impossible to wean out, Indian women from-GOLD!!!!!! 


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