Liver health

Liver is the biggest organ in our body, and it keeps us healthy and alive.

it produces and throws out cholesterol. Liver also secretes BILE, that is stored in the gall bladder and this helps to break down fats. Liver enzyme is a protein that helps to speed up a chemical reaction in the liver. Liver function tests evaluate various functions of the liver -metabolism, 

Liver can be affected through many reasons, alcohol being one of the causes. Fatty liver can be painful as well. avoiding sugars and fats, can help in liver care. Stress affects lever very badly. Keeping it at bay, is tough. learning to relax and meditate is very important.

Eating small meals and totally fat free food and raw food are good for the liver. Stress influences diet and if not cautious can lead to heart disease and diabetes.

LIVER IS THE SEAT OF EMOTIONS. To keep it under one’s control and care is good for overall well being.


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