soul connect



  Many relationships come and go, 

   friendships just happen, not planned so.

Some are intense than the rest,

  though all of them are the best.


They understand, without words,

  feel what we feel, without swords,

We can shed a tear, and open wounds,

 We can be sure not to be judged with sounds.


Our problems become theirs, their focus on us,

  forget their life, to sort ours,

Never once make us feel guilty or sad,

  for having to relieve is from becoming mad.

How do we repay, such friends, in cash or kind,

 they never ask for either in their mind,

and all of a sudden, they leave this world,

 Without bading us goodbye,

Taking away, a part of the soul within,

  in which they dwelt , while alive.

I bow to subha my friend who left without a note…


loved her the most, dont ever know if i will forgive her, 

 for leaving me to mourn her death, even in it, i need her ,

I love you subha akka, you were my mother, my friend, my confidante…

Thanks for touring my soul,will you come again…





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