rise and shine

against my wishes, as the manic monday unfolds anyway much against my wishes, with the brew i love most, nescafe gold, i sit lazily in front of the newspaper in a country, where media is more powerful than the government. 

these days news are so predictable. headlines still dont announce the awaited syria war,the entire world would want to avoid at all costs. In its place we have a swamiji–in a sexual abuse case. In the right top corner, announcing a rape of a mentally ill women, and the rise of gold.Fuel prices have gone up, so will the commuting fares, and more and more cars on the road, noone bothers about anything.

leopard attacks, in the most familiar area, where cows are reared to supply milk to the vast city, and nothing ever gets done to stop the damage. page-3 as always, about film folks and what they are doing on their holiday, more like an FB- page, stalking and gossiping. I somehow never liked FB for the same reason.

BCCI war against south african cricket board, and its might and power rising like —don’t want to spell and ruin my day. Monday are always cleaning days, and beginning of the week and month, much as i hate MONDAYS– it actually puts me on a fast track, to perfection and out of self imposed laziness.




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