The Art Of Doing Nothing

Once a day, or once a week, or month or year,set aside THAT TIME, to-DO NOTHING. The new age lifestyle, simply doesnot allow anyone, to take a break, from work, laptops, and smart phones.

we can do nothing and feel exhausted or do so much work, and feel relaxed. So TO-DO or DO-NOTHING, is all a state of our mind.As we understand what actually exhausts us, we can spend less energy and do more work. 

What we enjoy depends on what time of the day, we choose to do a certain thing. Finding out if we are a morning person or an evening person helps a great deal. sit quiet and feel yourself. Do you get up late? or wake up with the lark? That says a lot about, how well you can do how much. Choose your toughest work for the FEEL GOOD TIME, so you can be efficient with the hard part. Pick the least liked work for in-between  time and the work you like TO-DO most for the least preferred time. This method works well for me. Like for instance, I can be dead tired, irritated or upset, but doing my blog, peps me up, all the same.

Choose one part of the day, to be yourself, alone, in your space, DO something you enjoy, or DO-NOTHING if you don’t want to. But that moment should be yours. UNDISTURBED, UNINTERRUPTED AND UNOCCUPIED…

go and find that moment now.


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