Followed widely all over the world, in the culture of the land,and customs of the country,TIPS- not only ensures and insures prompt service, but also, helps the staff make little extra money.

USA and other european countries, follow a uniform rule of tipping on the bill amount. In singapore and malaysia, its at our discretion . We can leave a tip, or leave without it.In india, tips was followed as a norm, until recently when people don’t want to tip on top of VAT and SALES TAX. 

  1. For me apart from cash, the best TIP I prefer to give each of them,
  2. Individual wishes, in their respective names,
  3. Appreciate their service, every detail, to make sure, i have noticed,
  4. Their hospitality…

And sometimes I draw a cartoon to express my THANKS. Tipping is an art,which done the right way,can go a long way, to encourage, to inspire, TO INSURE PROMPT SERVICE.!!! 


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