when to LET-GO

Letting is an art, and the most difficult decision of all. More than when, its WHY TO LET-GO? We hold on to situations and people,which have created the worst possible feelings and situations in us, or for us. It bruises and harms our soul, and stops our growth. By constant brooding and getting angry, we only cause further harm. Its not that we can’t LET GO, Its just that we dont want to. We hold on for all wrong reasons.

If someone has hurt, a friend has gossiped, spouse has cheated on you, a relative who condemns, the feeling it invokes is negative, and leaves you drained,hurt,bitter. Longer you stay in the same atmosphere, more harm comes to you. Remember you are holding on to the situation,and the situation is not holding on to you. Not wanting to LET GO is not your affection or love for the person,who is causing the negativity in you,but your own EGO.

You are angry,about their treatment of you, and by staying on, you want that revenge, which does no good. The exit is more important than anything else. If there is any self respect left in you, you will make the choice to leave and go away. Plan your exit, and remember you owe yourself, the dignity and respect and stop waiting for it to come from somewhere. Take it in your hands and lead yourself towards, sanity. Always always remember YOU ARE ANSWERABLE TO YOU AND GOD ALONE. If love for you is there, take the decision and make the choice and leave before you are unwanted.



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