writing… A BLOG

I wonder if we sometimes write for the sake of writing. Blogs have connected and brought the world closer. So much so we can peek into the mind of so many we wouldn’t have otherwise met. Its a constant way of trying to discover oneself, so many subjects to choose from, and we understand more as we blog. We do write for ourselves, but without readers, we are nothing. to make your blog more appealing, and interesting, as I am in similar search…

  1.  choose life enhancement topics.
  2. health is sure winner.
  3. travel has takers all the year.
  4. pets are interesting as well.
  5. kids and family.

No need for detailed writing. outline of the topic gets the same value. Blog is not a novel. Its like a menu card, with little more add on. Routine topics may get boring. Treks and hikes, wildlife, are some interesting areas to explore. 

Blogging like life is a journey which gets discovered along the way. HAPPY BLOGGING.


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