Every country and culture has street food of some kind. The best way to enjoy street food is to just walk around,see how the locals eat it and DIY. Most street foods are pretty safe. Advanced nations have, quality and hygiene standards. Talk around to find out more, and read up and check it out.

1.India’s capital perhaps is known the world over for the most exotic hotel,restaurants,cafes and street food.

DELHI– must try the tandoor rotis and kebabs. Old and New Delhi has its own, lists of good foods. Fruits and fruit based

foods are good during winters,and summers normally provide lime juice and cucumber.


2. Mumbai– is the soul of India. people travel as far as pune to come and work in Mumbai. There is hardly anytime for many millions who live and work  in Mumbai. The day for most begins with a vada pav, and through the day, there are plenty of FAST STREET FOODS, known as CHAATS. Thursdays are main fasting days, and the entire city, takes food meant for fast. SAGO-KITCHDI. The CHAPATHI ROLL known as FRANKIE–is a semi healthy fast food.

3.CALCUTTA–The city is so vast, and the landscape to a new visitor, will look like a movie set, only that we can get to see a Mira nair, jurassic park, National Geo all on the road. Poverty and population hit you on your face. There is very little time to, take in the traffic, people,honking cars, old outdated ambassador yellow taxi’s, and the ancient screeching trams. A typical day in Calcutta begins with JALEBI’S–SWEET DISH, SAMOSAS–SAVOURY,AND TEA. Apart from this they also have street foods through the city, and their CHAATS and MOMOS–BOTH VEG AND NON-VEG ARE PRETTY FAMOUS. The Tibetan lane and China Town have authentic chinese food. The world famous RASAGOLLAS— are delicious. Their MISTI DOI, is a sweet curd, which goes for all occasions.

4.CHENNAI–Chennai is now just developing as a modern street food city in the sense, people of the city the originals, never ate out as a habit in most other places. Now with increasing working women and more money flow, they are branching into this. The CHICKPEA SUNDAL–AND THE RAW MANGO–on The Beach, are the only typical food if I can say so. The ones that are available now are brought in from other cities and states and not THE FOOD OF THE LAND. 


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