Ancestral home

while many people wont even have an idea of an Ancestral home, i was fortunate enough to have been born in ONE, grew up in TWO, spent my holidays in THREE other homes, in cities and villages. Ancestral home, has its significance of the country’s culture, heritage, history, life through the ages, and the joint families that lived together and existed. No matter where anyone travelled to work and live in, attaching oneself to Ancestral homes was part of a lineage, that cant be supplemented, by any other.

The house I was born, is still the most favourite house, followed by the one i grew up in. My maternal grandmom’s house became the window to the world, a house where almost 30 children spanning 4 generations were born, delivered safely by the same mid-wife. A small narrow corridor, became the labour ward, most times visited by scorpions to centipedes. Isolated away from the rest of the house, kept the new born safe.

The recuperating new mother, was well looked after with fresh cow’s milk,from the cow shed, and the ritual bath, which was given as customary, had a special bathroom, with huge water boiling vessels. The size of the house was determined with the number of courtyard’s, and wells. Built with brick roofs, it withstood the test of times, living along and rasing the kids born there,as if it were its own. The house had the same love and affection as our grandmom,who lived to a ripe 100 years.

Now the later generations have shifted and spread out from the US to Australia. What was once the mansion for 3 generations of joint families, is now, reduced to the last 2 member household. I have lived in 8 cities, 5 states, and two countries. But the one place which will have a place in my heart, as no other house can, is the one which held me, WHEN I FIRST ENTERED THIS WORLD…


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