Birth of a baby

Last week I got the registered copy of my foundation PEEPAL PEA FOUNDATION –PPF. It was a moment of joy. This foundation will have its own website and blogs and will work towards the protection of animals, environment and the people in that order. 

Let’s pray and hope it grows to be proud of us and we in turn to be proud of its achievements. Through this foundation we will be having projects, seminars, workshops and trainings.

As the first project we are planning on setting up a library for asia’s largest slum. DHARAVI. Kids need a place to unwind and sit and study. We will develop as we go. And hope this brings inspiration and hope for all kids aspiring to become somebody they idolise or they themselves an icon. 

Need everyone’s best wishes on this platform and hope we create a community which is responsible and empathetic to the needs of others. 

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