Today I was invited to give a talk on attitude,ego and success. Small group of people who work at the grass root level, for empowering, uplifting and creating a change around themselves. 

An hour is very little to cover topics of intensity. But all the same it went off well and well received. All were engaged for sure, but with a few missing minds, as would be a the case anyway. 

It was evolving for me too, as when I train I get to understand more minds around and more thinkers as they seem to be. 

The greatest creation of GOD I find is the human mind. I am greatly intrigued by it, in awe of it and eternally in love with how a mind thinks and a brain works. 

I am writing a post after a very long gap and wish and confirm I will have more posts to submit in the coming weeks. 

#training #softskills #mindpower #brainworks #motivation #inspiration #Obama #sachin #dalailama


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