Beating the Heat

Global warming and El Niño is being blamed for everything related to global weather. Heat waves have taken lives. Heat and sun strokes strikes innocent daily labourers in the states of India. 

Man’s irresponsible greed has caused extensive damage to himself and nature in general. Cutting of trees, clearing forest land for commercial use, and Turning agri-lands to residential layouts is taking the much needed green cover away and with increasing carbon footprint, we are at the dead end for a healthy turnaround. 

Eating right

We need to turn to our traditional cuisine and eat right. We have to keep our health in good condition keeping in tune with nature. Eating fruits and vegetables that are in season will benefit. Eat less of solids and more of fluids to keep the body nourished and hydrated. 

Bathing right

Yes, to the western world it may sound amusing but we have our rituals for summer and winter. Our summers were spent in our ancestral home in our native place. My maternal grandmother would sit with a big tin of sesame oil, and beginning from the youngest to the oldest, we lined up to get a oil head massage. We had to sit for half an hour to one hour after which we used neem and turmeric to bathe, and special roots powder and soap nuts were used as shampoo. The post bathing ritual had its own drying art with our heads on bamboo basket placed over a clay pot of burning coal on which the resin perfumed gum was sprayed to give the smoke and aroma. By this time our eyes would water and we would be so sleepy.

The diet

The diet after the oil bath had its own reason and we were given simple digestible food, that would not heat up our system. A soup like dish was made of neem flowers and tamarind and rice with a green curry would be the diet. 


Summers were spent indoors and sistas were an integral part of the whole process. Keeping the kids indoors after an oil bath was the most difficult thing in a house filled with close to 60 people. 

Indoor games

Elders of the house knew and kept us occupied with many indiginious games and it was made using stones and tamarind seeds. Groups were formed to play this. It would escalate to pillows being thrown and cotton flying all over the house. But none of of would go out except when absolutely necessary. 

How to care for during summer plenty of cucumbers 

2.make a large part of your meal with raw food

3. Keep fried foods and oil rich food away

4. Don’t have sweets or sugary food. 

5. Avoid street food 

6. Wear cottons 

7.stay indoors for major part of the day 

8.drinking green tea, buttermilk and water will keep oneself hydrated. 

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