As the season changes from winter to spring,and new colors come on the leaves,

                                the birds dance and sing, in their new mating swing.


   New beginnings all around, when Mother Earth, gets pregnant,

                                   with new life within.


  season of song and dance,

Let go of the trails of the past.


let it be a new beginning,

that which makes all your dreams come true.



If i say i got extremely busy, on twitter fighting to save the dolphins, off the coast of japan, I was not lying. Entire world was involved and worried and now, we have a great sense of relief. New phone these days is like a new girlfriend. We have to take care and pamper , while we learn to understand how it works and how we can do more with it better.

Friends come through many associations through our life. I have friends on Twitter and Instagram, and my earlier contacts. It has been a great way to learn and exchange our views. Absolutely entertaining and enlightening, Never has there been a dull moment. I do understand I have missed blogging a great deal. It was a way to express myself well.

I have some topics lined up for blogs, and would like to do better than previous blog posts. This is something I do for myself. The satisfaction I get from blogging can’t be compared to any other. Its a personal journey on a public domain. Wishing me well for future blogs.

sign off



jog a blog

i have missed blogging, as i have missed reading a blog.


why didn’t i not blog,for long,write a blog, didn’t slog.


shall make amends and come back,with a blog,


soon, i shall hog on a blog, to keep me on the jog,


plan to hog a blog,to slog, and jog a blog.


Winters means different things to different people. It
brings memories of bon fire,fries and hot tea. And it brings a series of illness.

Certain foods are good for the system. Ginger and turmeric play an important role. Keeping the body warm
and improves digestion. Hydrating the body is important for the skin as well. External application of oil is good,keeping the skin soft and supple.

Having a weekly mint and neem bath, keeps the skin free of infections and boils.



 As the water meanders down my neck,

      Trickling down my spine

Waking up my dormant being,which…

      Searches through my spirit soul,


Know not if its human or beast,

      Standing beneath the

Rain showers…

      It’s God which awakens,


Reminding and bringing me

     To the present moment,

Of chaos and conflict, and

     Telling me all that I just,

Dreamed of was…